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30 East Apartments | Cinema Time!

We have survived the fierce winter in all of its Arctic glory ( Or so we think?) To be honest that did not stop many of us from going out to see some of the most anticipated films this year! From the introduction to Marvel’s female warrior “Captain Marvel” to Jordan Peele’s Sci-fi thriller, “Us” we are on our way to a year full of extremely decorated and authentic films. 

Spring will be taking on full form this April and what better way to bask in the season than with some new film releases?  Go unravel your emotions alone or go with friends, but these films are expected to have you on the edge of your seats! Look out for these april releases!


SHAZAM! April 5th, 2019

If you have been keeping up the the DC (Detective Comics) Franchise then this is definitely the movie for you. SHAZAM is the origin story of a teenage boy who is granted the ability to turn into an Adult Superhero with God-like abilities. Check it out April 5th to see how he balances the life of a teenager and being the world’s last hope against evil.


The Best of Enemies April 5th, 2019

The Best of Enemies tells the story of two individuals on opposite sides of the political spectrum coming together to ultimately stop the racial turmoil taking place in a segregated education system. The movie is expected to be an emotional roller-coaster ride with its highly reflective and educational events. Bring tissues!


MISSING LINK April 12th, 2019

Do not judge a book by its cover with this film. This furry creature is sweet, funny, intelligent and extremely literal. With the help of friends, we will join them on the journey of finding his long-lost relatives in Shangri-La Valley.


Avengers: End Game April 26th, 2019

No doubt Avengers will be taking the whole tray of bacon at the end of this month. Marvel fans have stayed true to sequels and origin films alike. This film is set to break records with our favorite heroes coming together to bring order back to the world with the final boss fight. The theatres will be filled this spring so it may be best to reserve your seats now!