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Candle How-To


Looking for a new craft idea to keep you warm this winter?


Candle making can provide a calming activity to engage in during the chilly months of Chicago’s infamous winter. Plus, they make a great and inexpensive gift for your friends! You can play around with colors and scents to create the perfect environment in your home or office. Below is a simple step by step tutorial to get your creativity flowing. Be sure to post a photo to Instagram or Twitter and tag @30eastapts. We love seeing all of your unique creations!


What You’ll Need:

  1. Soy wax chips
  2. Crayons
  3. Candle wicks
  4. Mason jars
  5. Wax Dixie cups
  6. Coffee stirrers
  7. Scissors or zester (we used scissors)
  8. Tape


Bonus tip: add a few drops of an essential oil into each layer for a scented candle.


How to Make Soy Candles

  1. Peel crayons and cut into small pieces. Each color goes into a different Dixie cup. (Please note: final color will be lighter than wax appears when melted
  2. Place wick in center of jar. Use tape to hold it in place. You will need to keep tape on until first layer of melted wax has dried.
  3. Microwave first cup of crayons. The smaller your crayons are, the faster they will melt. This will be your bottom layer.
  4. Stir in soy wax chips with coffee stirrers or a toothpick. The amount will depend on how thick you want each layer to be. You may need to return to microwave if your chips do not quickly melt.
  5. Pour melted wax into mason jar. Be mindful not to pour on the edge of the glass. It will add a vertical drip line and mess up your layer. If you create a vertical drip line, wait until layer has dried to scratch away with clean coffee stirrer.
  6. Wait for layer to completely dry. Repeat steps 3-6 until candle is at your desired height.
  7. Trim wick and your candle is complete!